3 Ways to Brighten Your Small Space Using Wall Plant Holders

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 08/27/2019

Using Hanging Wall Planters for a Small Place


It is a bit challenging to make use of plants as your interior décor if you only have a small space. But with the help of hanging plant holders, you can definitely do it. And it is easy, too.

If the colors of flora don’t brighten up any space, I don’t know what will. This is why wall plant holders are the answers to making your little space more cheerful. Plants not only bring color, after all, they literally make people more relaxed and feel stress-free. In short, they make you happy. Plus, they are also quite beneficial to our health.

No wonder many people make gardens and spend their time taking care of it, to de-stress. And you should, too. By bringing indoor plants into your place, not only will you make it look prettier, but you also feel happier

And if your home has limited space, hanging wall planters will help you liven it up.

Tips in Using Wall Planters for Limited Space


  • Use walls that are often overlooked. But don’t use all the walls in your place as it can make your space even smaller. Attach wall planters stylishly on some parts of one or two walls and look at the difference it makes. Don’t forget your bathroom wall, too.

  • Your outdoor space can also use a bit of color from plants. If you have a balcony, utilize the walls and add a couple of hanging planters for your flora. Even your window sill can be a great place for some greens.

  • Furniture against your walls can also be home to your wall planters. Just put your planters on them and it’s like growing your plants in your furniture.

Adding a little green to your place is one effective way of making it look better and fresher. Plants can make any space more cheerful and the people around it healthier. And, thanks to wall hanging planters, even small places can have their own little garden. Just make sure you use plants that can grow indoor and can flourish all year long.

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