Beautiful Ideas for Indoor Greenery Decoration  – Wall Hanging Planters

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 08/13/2019

You can brighten up your personal space by simply adding air plant holders or wall hanging planters for indoors. Surely you have heard about the magic hanging plants can do to make our house a more beautiful and healthier place to live in. They do not only bring freshness to the eyes but lightness in the chest as well. You can keep a calm heart at the comfort of your own.

Greenery decorations provide a perfect accent for a nature-inspired setting. A natural vibe is a much easier environment for homes, and even for offices. There are only very few points to take note of when decorating with wall hanging planters.

3 Several Points to Consider


Type of planters vs. Style of room


Before choosing the types of plants and planters to put in your home or office, you must first consider the style of your room.

How much space is available for decorations? Do you prefer a neutral tone or a colorful one? What shapes would complement the room design? By looking at it, what kind of materials do you think might fit with your fixtures and furniture?



Pick the kind of plants that will suit your capacity to provide maintenance as well. You wouldn’t want your plants to die on your watch. If you think you can’t handle a big mess, you can always go for low-maintenance and slow-growing plants and planters.



What kind of character would you like your place to portray? Do you like sharp and edgy touches or are you a freely-flowing kind of person?

A lot of options can be chosen when it comes to wall hanging planters for greenery decorations. Which of them do you think will reflect more of your personality?

5 Top Picks for Hanging Planters


Air Plant Holder


Air plant holders are versatile when it comes to placement. You can put them along the wall, up in the corner, or in the middle of the room. They’re usually designed with 360 decorative views.


Succulent Wall Planter


If you’re looking for a small low-maintenance plant, the succulent wall planter is perfect for you. There are different types of succulent with different kinds of maintenance requirements. Rest assured, they’re not hard on the schedule and require much attention.

Garden Wall Planter


A garden wall planter is an option for displaying various plants in one big holder. You can put herbs, succulents, and small colorful flowers to be arranged according to your preference.



Horizontal and Vertical Wall Planter



You can choose from horizontal or vertical wall planters when you’re space-conscious. These can easily be arranged around wall corners.



Glass Hanging Planters




A modern touch on your decoration would include glass hanging planters. The transparent material can be used to creatively design the contents of the plant with water plants and decorative items and the bottom.

These are only a few picks among the many options you can put in your home. Visit us at Wall Hanging Planters and choose from our entire product today.