Benefits of Growing Succulent Wall Planter in Your Home

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 01/16/2020

Growing succulent wall planter is a great way of adding brightness and freshness into your home. These small thick-leaved plants have become popular items decorating our homes. It can liven up and add colour to a wall.

Instead of putting up a framed picture on the wall, vertical wall planter has become famous additions to wall decorations creating a living and breathing wall gardens. Because of its benefits, people are growing these plants indoor. Here are more reasons why you need to grow these plants at home.

They Live Well in Any Climate

These wonderful succulents are such popular house plants because of their ability to grow in almost all kind of climates. You can find them thriving in arid lands, hot places and mountains. Their hardiness makes them perfect for hanging wall planters indoor. They can outlive any other plants in your home as they thrive well in controlled temperatures. They can bloom at any season enlivening your living spaces.

They Can Help Clean The Air and Improve The Humidity of Your Home

Science tells us that plants clean the air through the process of photosynthesis. They produce oxygen through the absorption of light, carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen is an important element of clean and healthy air. Also, as plants release water, they can provide a more beautiful and natural way to remove some of the damp air in your home, in the process improving the humidity in your living spaces.

Adds Oxygen to The Surrounding

As explained earlier, oxygen is an important element of clean and healthy air, which succulents continue to produce at night, when people are deep in their sleep. This continuous production of oxygen refreshes the air in your home and helps your breathing.

They Enhance Memory

Having succulent wall planters indoor enhances your memory. Research conducted by the University of Michigan shows that contact with plants or vegetation has many intellectual benefits to people.  Improve memory could lead to better work and school performance. That is why it is a good idea to place succulent wall planters in your home office, your study room or library, or in places where your children studies.

Aesthetic Purpose

Aside from the intangible benefits plants provide for people, such as improving health, one of the most interesting reasons why succulent hanging wall indoors is a good thing for you and your home is its aesthetic purpose. Nothing can replace the feeling of seeing the beauty of a living and breathing wall. It is so relaxing and calming to be with one of the most beautiful and grandest creations of nature right at the very comfort of your home – plants.

We hope that we have sparked your interest in succulent wall hanging plants that at the soonest, you’re on your way to having one at your living spaces. If you have other questions, you can visit us at Wall Hanging Planters.