Choosing The Best Designed Hanging Wall Planters

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 12/10/2019

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Who among us doesn’t see the beauty and innate potential of hanging wall planters to spice up a room or large indoor space? Having house plants inside your home can bring a great deal of warmth and aesthetic appeal to an otherwise drab and dull space. What’s more, these wall planters have a lot of different designs and styles to perfectly match the mood and character of the room and the people in it. So read more and discover the best wall planter designs for you.

There are so many different plants you can use for your indoor garden. But some of them can be a challenge to grow, especially if you are a newbie to these beautiful greens. Even if hanging plant holders make starting a vertical garden easy, the plants you bring inside will still require your love and care.

Fortunately, we have this list of the easiest plants to take care of indoors.

Hanging Orbs


These are great for any type of house, but most especially the modern house designs with minimalist designs. Available in all colors but the most effective for any home is white, since it showcases and emphasizes the leaves of the plant living in it. It can have drainage so the choice for plants is a bit more expanded than the others.

Macramé and Double Macramé Planters

Perfect if you’re going with a more natural look. A great addition to a room with plants on floor pots or artwork depicting foliage and beautiful inflorescence. It can have a good deal of drainage so it’s great for leafy, shallow-rooted plants like ferns. They can also be used as wall-mounted planters instead of hanging ones.

Pearly Shell

If you can find a nautical-themed hanging planter, that would be a very welcome addition to a room with your aquarium. Clamshells should be the best design among these due to the width and depth of the shell. If you can’t find natural shells, there are artificial ones or even bowls cast in the shape of shells. Since they don’t provide a lot of drainages, it’s best if you put succulent plants on these wall hanging planters.

Geometry Rules

The best geometric planters are made from metal because they tend not to lose their shape even with the size and weight of the plant it carries. Metals are also very easily formed into linear shapes. These planters are best used with clinging or trailing plants since it’s very difficult to put a bowl inside the planter.

Wall Hanging Planters has an extensive inventory for just about your every planter needs. For awesome planters and ideas on how to put a little spice onto your indoor space, visit our website now.