Choosing The Best Hanging Flowers Pots for the Perfect Effect

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 11/19/2019

Choose The Correct Attachment type for The Planter


Hanging flower pots are all the rage in the modern home. Why not? You can put them anywhere inside or outside the house. You can have large or small plants placed on these planters. You have the design flexibility to make them the centerpiece or the accessory to a wall or window arrangement. If they’re inside, it’s like you brought the outside in. It improves the ambience of any space it’s in, and the plants on these pots improve the air quality. Basically, you can’t lose wherever you put them.

However, there are certain types of arrangements that can bring out the best in these hanging planters. Here are some things you can do to make the most out of the visual appeal these planters have.

If you’re planning to improve your window visually from the inside or outside, you will need to determine where you want to hang these planters. The usual spot would be window pane itself, so for these types of arrangements, you will need to use a glass hanging planter. Many come with suction cups attached to the planter but some just has a cord and you will need to buy suction cups to hang them on. If you want to have a clear view of the outside from the window, you can go for wall planters or a vertical planter assembly.

Metal or Plastic? Natural or synthetic?


This is probably the most difficult choice to make. If you have a thing for protecting nature, you can use hanging vases made from natural materials. They come in many styles, the most popular of which is the basket shape. You can also choose planters made of plastic. These are the most versatile type since plastic can be extruded into almost any shape or form. You can find ball-shaped, diamond-shaped or the classic vase-shaped planters in this category. Metal hanging planters are probably the least used since it is the most difficult to shape, hence typically the most expensive. But they do have the unique ability to turn a space into something of an abstract art gallery if used with proper interior design techniques. This is perfect for those who want an unusual visual appeal on their homes.

Choose The Plants that Fit you’re Style

Planters are nothing without plants. That goes without saying, but having said that, you must decide which plants you would want on your planter. Metal planters are typically for vine type plants, so if you have them, you can use crawling aerial flowering plants. These are typically small plants so you might want to accentuate them with larger mostly leafy plants for emphasis.

Overall, your choice makes your space radiate vibes about who you are and what you are like, but calling for expert advice doesn’t hurt too. The professionals at Wall Hanging Planters have years of experience and the kind of aesthetic sense to develop great planters for your home or your office. Pay us a visit at Wall Hanging Planters and take a look at how we can enrich your home or office space.