Creative Ways To Use Your Vertical Wall Planter

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 12/30/2019

Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden


There are a lot of things to be said about plants, especially when planted inside the house using vertical wall planters. Indoor plants don’t take up a lot of space when compared to outdoor plants. Plus they make indoor spaces livelier, and sometimes more colorful. Here are some creative ways to use your vertical wall planter for your plants.

Imagine growing your herbs right there in your kitchen. You would have easy access to them for use in cooking and they are also great accessory items in your kitchen, adding a bit of color to your dishes as well as to your kitchen wall. Customize the look of your kitchen garden by choosing wall planters that match your décor.

Wall Garden for Your Farm House


You can even put in a garden inside or outside your farm house, with its chippy paint and cool, airy porch. Hang the pots underneath the lamp or on the wall on both sides of the porch for great effect. You can substitute air plant holders at certain spots to add a soft effect to the wall.

Clay Pot Hanging Wall Planters


Who says clay pot planters are only used on the ground? Drilling a hole on the pots and fastening them to the ceiling or wall with adhesives or rope creates an interesting effect since most people are used to seeing clay pots on the ground. The terra cotta color of the pots will go nicely with any color of plants but you can add more by planting flowers instead of just greens.

Succulent Vertical Garden


This is an unusual take on the succulent wall planter that we’re so used to seeing. The planter is a big wooden tray tilted at around 30 degrees with a few holes for aeration and drainage and with small wooden or plastic cells for the plants. This is the perfect planter for succulent plants with shallow roots. You can even use bigger cells for planting edible plants.

Tiered Hanging Wall Planter


It is what it says it is. It is a wall planter with five tiers where small pots go. You can have different plants at every tier or the same plants on all tiers. It’s all up to your discretion and sense of aesthetics.

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