Decorative Indoor Plant Hangers For Your Home

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 10/08/2019

Beautify your home with decorative plants that can be creatively placed on indoor plant hangers. You can finally make your dream garden come true inside your own living space. These indoor plants will allow you to maximize your area with style and vigor, which is why you must choose the best plant hangers that will match your personal taste.

The Best Decorative Indoor Plant Hangers

  • Arrowhead Plant in a Ceramic Hanging Planter

Choose from three different shades of pink, burgundy, and green for your Arrowhead plant, which is also known as Arrowhead vine or five fingers. This plant has leaves that change its shape over time. From an arrowhead, it eventually becomes a shape that resembles the five fingers.  You can leave it as it is in a ceramic hanging planter and watch its vines grow beautifully.

  • Bird’s Nest Fern Hanging Plant

Bird’s Nest Ferns can grow in places with humid temperatures. They thrive in similar locations as to where they originally came from— the tropical rainforests. However, they cannot be exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the leaves from turning yellow, instead of a bright green. They can be hanged on wood or stone planters inside or near the bathroom area.

  • Air Plant in a Terrarium

Air Plants are low-maintenance. They don’t need soil to keep them growing. They mainly need air to survive in the environment they are placed in. As long as you expose it to bright light, you can keep it in glass terrariums, place a few accents, and leave them as pretty as they are.

Hanging succulents make the room more inviting and a lively place to live in. Succulent Wall Hanging Plants with different colors bring out an invigorating ambiance. Create your own vertical garden filled with tiny succulents in different shapes and color combinations.

  • Boston Fern in Rattan Hanging Planter

The feathery fronds of Boston Ferns are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they’re also great for purifying the air. Because of that, they greatly suit the bedroom and living room spaces. Boston Ferns can fit perfectly in a rattan basket and can be hung in your home office.

They prefer humid temperatures to survive indoors. Be sure to hang it not too close from the ceiling for proper air circulation.

Which one of these do you like best? I bet they’re all great for your homes. Let us know what you think, or you can visit our website Wall Hanging Planters to see our beautiful decorative collections.