How to Maximize Space Using Vertical Growing Pots

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 12/06/2019

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Growing plants in vertical growing pots can be enjoyable, particularly if the plants are decorative. You can use them to add a certain appeal to your home or any space you want. You can use these pots even with minimal space. In fact, they come into their own if placed in small places as they can make it seem like a vaulted space. Read on to learn how to use growing pots to maximize space through vertical gardening.

Creating a Garden Room

Since these vertical growing pots can be stacked on top of each other, you can arrange them with distinct styles in a room. You can create arches made up of potted plants to frame doorways, or make a colonnade from pots with each column made up of the same plants. You just have to use your imagination.

It gets tricky right here. You will need to have two columns of trailing plants, preferably those with flowers, on either side of an entrance. Just make sure that you can build a trellis on that entrance because you will let those plants climb up to the trellis and then let them hang down, like a living bead curtain. You can also use a garden basket wall mount as the trellis with its intricate and unique designs.

Use your vertical growing pots like a tiered planter

You could use a good eye for color on this one. You can use whichever color of pots that you want as long as they are the same color for each tiered planter. Then plant several layers or tiers of different plants on each planter. You can also grow the same plants with different flower colors but each tier should have the same color. This will create the illusion of a hanging garden especially if the top tier has trailing plants. You can embellish with a few hanging air plant pods for more color and additional shapes on each planter.

Having the flexibility to heap and stack vertical growing pots as you please can give you the freedom to try a lot of things. But it’s better to engage the assistance of the professionals in this area. It’s not easy to get your garden right and you need experienced and knowledgeable people to assist you. Let the experts from Wall Hanging Planters know how we can help you by and schedule your consultation.