Plants That Bring out The Best in Small Spaces using Wall Hanging Pocket Planters

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 12/03/2019

Growing ornamental plants have long been a great way to liven up spaces, especially with wall hanging pocket planters as accent. Many of these plants are perfect for the conventional American home, which is usually located in the suburbs or farther away, with lots of space inside and outside. But if your residence is a condo or apartment with limited space, your choices may be limited as well. Here are a few plants for small spaces to help you get started with sprucing up your apartment.

Air Plant

Air plants are usually used as table ornaments. These small plants usually don’t need soil, perfect for people who don’t to deal with dirt and a lot of upkeep for their plants. Just put it somewhere where it receives a lot of sunlight and spray water 2 or 3 times a week and you have a houseplant that improves your mood with its unique look.

Baby Toes

Another plant with an unusual look. This plant looks like a baby’s toes with its shape and small size, hence the name. Used also as tabletop décor, these are perfect for vertical growing pots placed in conspicuous places, where its odd appearance can be a great way to start a conversation.


This succulent plant is known for its small and bright inflorescence. It thrives in indirect sunlight so it’s most effective aesthetically when placed on windows with plenty of light. The large amount of light that it receives will power the mechanism necessary for the plant to flower, further improving your apartment’s appeal.


These are known as “living stones” primarily because of their appearance that resembles colorful river stones or stony marine corals. Also a succulent plant, it thrives in hot temperatures with little water, perfect for the busy person with little time to take care of plants.

String of Pearls

This plant is becoming more popular due to its shape, which is like little green orbs strung together on thick green cords. It hangs over its container and makes for an ornament that really catches the eye, perfect for hanging on wire wall planters outdoor for maximum effect. This succulent plant requires little water and lots of sunlight.

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