The Benefits of Wall Hanging Planters on Human Health

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 01/13/2020

But The Question is Why Are People Doing It? Do We Benefit from Wall Hanging Planters?


We can assure you that this is not just a fad that will fade away. Hanging wall planters has many benefits to human health and the environment. Surely, plants bring in their aesthetic value in areas they are put on. That is why plants are the more popular choice for interior design for homes and offices. But more than its visual purposes, planting plants indoors or outdoors has many benefits to human health. Here are some of them.


Wall hanging planters has become so trendy nowadays that you’ll see a lot of people setting up plants in indoor and outdoor spaces of their home. Even companies do create new green spaces in buildings where available space is scarce. Gardening has invaded the urban cities, where years ago, this is not even thinkable. It has become an in-thing that people all over the world are putting up plants as vertical gardens. 



Plants are Good for Stress Reduction


Various researches all over the world showed that people in spaces with plants compared to those with lacking vegetation or none at all are more likely to experience a reduction in stress. Plants can induce a sense of comfort to humans that a more positive toned mood is experienced by people in contact with plants. Also, to be surrounded by the most beautiful plants you can afford can help increase your ability to re-focus on things that you do. It can also improve performance on cognitive tasks while also reducing mental fatigue. 

Plants can Positively Influence Air Quality

Plants can remove harmful chemicals in the air thereby improving its quality that will be beneficial to humans. Both plant leaves and the soil are effective in removing the unsafe chemical from the air making the air we breathe in healthier to human beings. This profound and positive impact on air quality makes plants very important to have in our surroundings. They act as a filtering mechanism that will contribute to cleaner air whether indoor or outdoor.

Aside from these direct benefits to our health, a bare wall that is directly exposed to the sun will contribute to heat conduction in the house. Making the temperature at home rise and giving discomfort to you and your family. But this could be averted with the use of wall hanging planters, as leaves of plants can lose water into the air, lowering the surrounding air and home temperatures. 

We can now truly say that plants on wall mounted planters known as living and breathing walls are good for us and good for the environment. They are here to stay and can someday be an indispensable item in our homes making our lives and environment healthier!

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