The Best Indoor Plant Hangers for your Interior Fixation

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 11/22/2019

Macramé Planters


Indoor plant hangers are a great way to make the interior of your house look more vibrant and appealing. It protects the plants from seasonal changes and has great potential to spice up your house with alluring colors from flowers and soothing green from the plants themselves. Pairing them up with accessories will enhance their visual appeal even more.

There are different types of hanging planters to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

These are essentially bowls of plastic, metal or ceramic using knots of macramé cord to hang the planter. They were very popular in the past and are now making a resurgence. Macramé knots are strong, durable and quite often have decorative designs. They are available in many colors and you have the option to mix and match the knots and the bowl to suit your style and mood.

Sky Planter


These are perfect for trailing plants since these planters are essentially hanging upside-down vases. They are typically watered using a reservoir at the top so the only upkeep you need is to make sure the reservoir never runs out of water. Lightweight and with an unusual look, these are perfect for plain, unadorned spaces.

Ceramic Hanging Pots

These ceramic hanging planters mostly have modern designs, even with the aesthetic versatility of ceramics. You can slip a smaller pot inside this planter to allow for easy watering and drainage. This added feature makes it the best planter to use for succulent wall hanging plants. Also, they look good when hung in a cluster or in a line so take advantage of that.

Self-Watering Planter

They have a reservoir that waters plants when they need to be. This attribute makes this planter the one with the least upkeep and will water trailing or flowering plants alike with ease and regularity.

Geometric Hangers

These can be made from metals like cast iron, brass or bronze. Some are even made from plastic or ceramics but in terms of aesthetics, metal geometric hangers are the cream of the crop. Many have a metal bowl inside a geometric shape like a circle, triangle or diamond with a metal chain to hang it with. Best for trailing plants because these plants can make use of the geometric metal frame to add more attention to the shape.

This and other kinds of indoor planters can make your indoor outdoor. See Wall Hanging Planters’ complete catalog and contact our experts to enrich the beauty of your interior space. Check us out at Wall Hanging Planters to find the item perfect for your home.