Top 5 Indoor Plants to Fit Your Colourful Wall Planters and Create the Best Interior Decor

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 09/10/2019

The Best Pants for Indoor Use


By using plants instead of or along with your other decorations at home, you don’t only make it more appealing and refreshing but you also breathe purer air and, generally, become healthier. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, thereby removing toxins and keeping illnesses at bay. They also keep oxygen flowing into the air and create a more relaxing environment, which make every day better.

Do reap all the benefits that indoor plants bring and find out which one to plant in your wall and hanging plant holders that will suit your place best.

If you consult with any interior designer today, you will learn that indoor plants and stylish, colourful wall planters are currently among the best designs for homes and other establishments. And it has become even more popular because many people today are environment-conscious and are taking steps to help the world recover from the abuse it got and is still getting from the more ignorant part of the population.

Top 5 Indoor Plants


  1. Snake Plant – great for small places since they don’t grow very big and tall, and can be placed anywhere in the home. They also don’t require frequent watering but are toxic to cats and dogs.
  2. Dumb Cane Plant – the perfect indoor plant since it only needs low, indirect sunlight. They grow to about 4 feet tall and needs to be rotated regularly so they don’t lean toward their light source.
  3. Peperomia Plant – easy to grow and suitable for small places because of its small size. It is safe for children and pets but can attract mealybugs and aphids.
  4. Dracaena Warneckii – does well in artificial light and is easy to care for despite being able to grow up to 12 feet tall. It is great as an indoor décor because of its glossy leaves and colorful pattern, but it is also toxic to cats and dogs.
  5. Areca Palm – flourish in indirect light and gives places a tropical vibe. They are some of the top air purifying plants but they can grow quite tall.

These plants look great on their own. However, add stylish hanging wall planters indoor and you get the best décor for any room.

So if you want to live a healthier life and have a more beautiful home or office, it is time you get the plants listed above and use wall planters indoor. You can create your own interior design or you can have a designer help you out. What is important is you start a better lifestyle and help Mother Nature in the process.

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