Transform Your Indoor Space With Hanging Plant Holders

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 12/17/2019

Hanging plant holders are very versatile tools in changing the aesthetics of any indoor or outdoor space. It has such a great effect on the way light and shadow enter and move around a room, with a combination of shapes, textures, and colors from the plants and the planters themselves. Colorful and exotic plants create a nice ambiance and add a sense of “naturalness” that isn’t that common in the American home today. Read on and find out how to convert your indoor space with wall-hanging planters.

You Need to Have a Plan

Getting ready for the battle against your dull, unadorned wall always starts with a plan. Figure out what kind of lighting you are working with, what are the dominant and supporting colors on the background and if you need to hide anything on your wall. Contrast can have an appealing affect but don’t let the styles clash. Look at the available space and decide where the planters should be placed. If you want a clear central space, you can hang your planters on corners.

Plants are Living Beings Too

Consider that before you decide where to place them. They have a set of requirements to fulfill if they are to thrive indoors. You need to have an area with sufficient light for the plant to continue to live. The best plants for small spaces and limited time in caring for them are air plants and succulent plants. Air plants have the ability to draw some water out of the air so they can thrive even if watered only occasionally. Succulents store water inside their stems or leaves so they only need infrequent watering and they will be able to live indoors.

Size and Shape Does Matter

It does when it comes to matching plants with wall plant holders, that is. Succulent plants don’t need that much water and drainage, since they are only watered sporadically and in small amounts. They are best fit for round or spherical wall planters indoor to show off their succulence. Air plants, on the other hand, need access to air to maximize their aesthetic potential. Metal planters are perfect for them, hoops, diamond shapes, triangles, whatever the shape, it’s going to look great.

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