Vertical Garden Ideas Using Glass and Metal Hanging Planters

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 10/01/2019

Vertical Gardening Ideas


Have you ever heard of vertical gardening wherein people make use of anything that can hold plants or, if you want to be specific, use glass, wood, or metal hanging planters to create a “live wall” or a hanging garden? If you don’t know anything about it, then you are losing out on one of the hottest trends today.

Yes, many people are into gardening these days. But it is not just any ordinary garden that we are talking about. The vertical garden has become very popular with people living in limited spaces but wants to enjoy the many benefits that gardening brings.

Even the busiest of persons found themselves creating a unique and attractive indoor garden using anything they can get their hands on. And the results are definitely eye-catching live walls that give a breath of fresh air and take away the stresses of daily life.

Are you feeling creative and want to join in on this craze? Then let these ideas using different kinds of planters get you started.

  • Glass Hanging Planter. If you want to grow small plants like succulents or little cacti, then the glass planters will make for a delicate and classy vertical garden. Just hang them on your walls or use an old picture frame and place your plants inside.
  • Using old gutters, you can plant herbs, vegetables or flowering plants, and just hang it on any wall or even on your fence. It is definitely unique but also quite attractive. Just make sure to put holes at the bottom for proper drainage and put enough space between each plant.
  • Wooden Crates. Stacking crates on one another may just be the easiest way of creating a vertical garden. As long as you give space for your plants to grow, you can style your crates any way you want to.
  • Metal Hanging Planter. Using metal planters is quite simple to do since they can be attached to walls or ceilings easily. Just use strong, durable hooks for it.
  • Hanging Flower Pots. If you already have potted plants, you can easily make a vertical garden out of them and save yourself some space. Simply attach the pots on an empty wall that faces the sun, or use a pallet to support the pots better. You can also just hang them from the ceiling.

These DIYs are so easy to do and you can make them out of recycled materials. Then you can enjoy the amazing effects that having your own garden brings.

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