Vertical Growing Pots and Other Natural Decors for a Healthier and Aesthetically Pleasing Home

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 07/23/2019

There’s something special in a home that has hanging air plant pods or even just potted plants. Greenery and flowering plants have often been used to beautify a home. A sparse apartment can be brightened up with a cheery potted plant on the coffee table. A drab exterior décor lined with bright flowers provide seasonal or all-year-round color.

The Benefits of Plants in Your Home

Plants go beyond physical appearances. Research suggests that plants can have physiological and mental benefits for the occupants.


Mental Health Benefits of Plants

A plant is a living creature that doesn’t require the same upkeep or expense such as an animal like a dog, or even a human companion. Suffice to say, some people prefer the company of plants than other sentient living beings. For instance, plants on vertical growing pots can be a confidant that one can whisper secrets to. Plants make good listeners and best of all; they keep secrets very well!

It might seem like lunacy to people but talking to plants dates back hundreds of years. Legends and myths about plants have persisted for centuries from the first stories of woodland Nymphs that take the form of plants.

In modern times, scientists have found that plants do respond when you talk to them. Several studies have also shown that people experience stress reduction when surrounded by plants. In homes for the elderly, the act of caring for plants has also shown positive effects on aging individuals. It helps them maintain mental acuity as they settle into a peaceful routine.

Physiological Benefits of Plants in Homes

The physical effects of plants on the body are well documented and can be observed easily. If you’re cooped up in a dry home, you could develop Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). A person just suddenly develops feelings of unwellness that is often linked to staying in a particular building. While no one has found out the specific cause, there are several factors such as stale air, loud noises, harsh light, and uncontrolled humidity to be linked to SBS.

Plants help improve your health by providing the following benefits.

Cleans air by soaking up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen


  • Removes certain pollutants from the air like nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide
  • Certain plants can help reduce dust in the air
  • Helps maintain humidity to a livable and healthy level
  • Lowers the temperature in a home
  • Helps dilute harsh light from outside as plants absorb most of the rays and only reflect green light
  • Some plants act as natural insect repellants


Noise Reduction by Plants and Why It’s Important

Living in a city can often be stressful. You can isolate your home from the outside, but noise often finds ways to seep in. Putting too much noise reduction barriers on your home will only seal you in and might even cause SBS. Chronic noise can also hurt your body in the long run. Loud noises can cause eventual wear and tear on the cellular level as well as impact your mental health.

Plants can absorb noise from outside and keep your home relatively sound free. You can get something like wire wall planters outdoors, tall shrubs to line your fence and even hanging wall planters to soak up the outside noises.

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