Wall Décor Ideas To Emphasize Your Modern Hanging Planter

Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 11/14/2019

We often ask others how to spruce up a bare wall with a modern hanging planter or two. As it is, walls are often overlooked as they just stand there doing almost nothing, at least on the visual front. Most walls are just there for its functionality, dividing spaces, and supporting roofs or floors above it. Suffice it to say that a bare wall is no fun at all. So here are some tips to take that plant wall décor of yours and blend it with other elements to spruce up a plain, unadorned wall.

Using a Temporary Wall Pattern

Wall papers or wall decals with attractive patterns improve a wall’s visual appeal, even if just a section of it is covered by these patterns. Couple this with wall hanging planters and they could drastically improve the ambience of a room or a large outside space. Of course, this isn’t effective for certain types of walls, like glass, so use appropriately.

Make The Wall a Gallery

Instead of using temporary patterns plastered on a wall, why not use removable ornaments instead. This technique can be used for most types of walls and gives you the flexibility to change the appearance and general mood of your wall almost at will. Also, having framed pieces of art work beside plants on wall planters can work wonders on a wall’s color scheme and overall appeal.

Go Green

Using shades of green makes your wall and adjacent internal space more interesting and attractive to many people. It not only makes the space feel like you’re on the outside, it also has the added benefit of being more soothing to the eye. It makes the wall feel more organic and natural. Putting green-hued art work in and around and furniture will further accentuate your hanging planter on your wall. This method is more effective for inside spaces than for outside.

Use Tapestries, Wall Hangings or Large Wall Paintings

Tapestries, wall hangings and paintings not only lend an air of liveliness and brightness to a space. Using these paired with au naturel colors planted on your wall and glass hanging planters reflect on your basic mood, personality, and character and tell others what and who you are.

Modern hanging planters can be used just about anywhere to spruce up a space or liven up a room. They are often more effective if used with other ornaments. Contact the professionals at Wall Hanging Planters and check out our awesome collection now.