Why Glass Hanging Planters and Other Wall Planters Are Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Decorations


Written by: Dumalag, MM

Published on: 01/21/2020

Wall hanging gardens like the glass hanging planters are getting more popular not only for certified garden buffs, but even common people trying this newfound hobby.

Plants are one of the most beautiful and grandest creations on earth. And since time and memorial, people’s love for plants never seems to cease. People of all ages have loved and continue to care for plants throughout human history.

Now, we have more reasons to be excited about plants and gardening. May be years ago, who would have thought that plants are going to be seen on walls, buildings and other small places inside or outside our homes. It’s just incredible to know that hanging flower pots and other wall hanging planters are now popular decorative items indoors or outdoors.

There are many great benefits to why people find this new diversion interesting and exciting. Here are some of them.

Its Aesthetic Effect

Wall hanging planters can brighten up your living spaces adding life and color to your walls. It can be found in various forms and sizes with different materials of your choice, samples are metal hanging planters, wooden bead hanging planters, brass ring hanging planters, clay pot vertical gardens among others. It can also be hanged in various ways depending on your taste. It has limitless possibilities for doing wall hanging planters. Just the same, there’s a collection of hundreds of plants available in the market where you can choose from like the air plant, arrowhead plants, chenille plant, Boston fern, and various kinds of succulent plants among others. The key here is applying your creativity, customizing your wall hanging plants to fit your space to maximize the full potential of your wall hanging plants’ visual appeal.

Can Help Stress Reduction

It’s a common belief that when people talk to plants, it can encourage better growth of the plants. In short, human connection to plants benefits the latter. Vice-versa, humans in contact with plants does benefit us by reducing our stress. Various studies have discovered that plants can bring a sense of relaxation to humans by simply having contact with plant life.


Plants in many ways are friendly to the environment while it also benefits the health of human beings. They help clean the air we breathe through the process of photosynthesis. Also, succulent plants produce oxygen which is a vital element of clean and healthy air. This nonstop production of oxygen can help to refresh the air in the environment and help us breathe easier.

Easy to Install and Fun to do

Wall hanging planters are easy to install on any place indoors or outdoors. Outside or inside a home, they have become popular decorative items. There are wall hanging planters that are a bit expensive, but there are also cheaper ones that you can set up or arrange by yourself, like cans and pots hanging planters. Also, spending time making your wall hanging planters is a sure way of passing time away while having fun. Coz it is fun to do. Try it!

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